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Hindi New Year 2016

Hindi New Year 2016 Though there are many who consider January as the first month of New Year. But as per the Hindu calendar, the first day of Kartik Mass is Hindi New Year. It’s has always been very special among the Hindu. Hindi New Year is also known as Gudi Padwa and Vikram Samvat. In this blog, we are going to clear the air about the story behind Vikram Samvat, how it’s celebrated and much more.


Why it is Called Vikram Samvat?


There is a reason behind calling Hindi New Year 2016 as Vikram Samvat. If we look into the past, we come to know about a famous kind whose name was Vikram Samvat. There was king namely Gardabhilla in 12thcentury who abducted sister of Monk KalaKacharya. And the helpless Monk KalaKacharya was helped by Saka.


And thus, Gardabhilla was defeated by Monk Kalakacharya with the help of Saka rulers. As per mythology, Gardabhilla was released to forest. But his son Vikramditya made Saka out and brings a new era of freedom. And that’s why Hindi New Year is also called Vikram Samvat since Vikramditya played a wider role to make Saka rulers out.


Significance of Hindi New Year


Apart from the above mentioned story, Hindi New Year also belongs to believe in Hindu religion. It’s considered that the worship of Lord Braham getscompleted on the day of Gudi Parva. And that’s why it’s celebrated as Hindi New Year since the new time beings from this point,Apart from it, this festival also associate to Lord Rama who returns on this day to Ayodhya. Hindi New Year also associates to horoscope.


How it’s celebrated?


People worship their God in which they believe. They take bath early in the morning. And Gudi is decorated with yellow silk cloth and Mango leaves. Both are considered very auspicious. Some people also decorate the entry gate with Mango Leave. It’s believed that typing Mango Leave keeps you and your house away from the negative vibes.


Many people also celebrate this day as the victory of ShivajiMaharaj. Eating Neem leaves are considered very beneficial as it holds great health benefit. Chewing Neem on this day keeps you away to get ill. Saying would not be wrong that we all celebrate New Year in Jan but even then we are pretty much concerned about Hindi New Year too.