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Hanuman Jayanti 2016

Hanuman Jayanti 2016 As per mythology, Lord Hanuman is immortal and worshipping Lord Hanuman can shield you as well as keeps the negative waves away from the devotees. In 2016, Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on the upcoming April 22. And preparation has been strategy to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of Hindus.


A little Bit about Hanuman Jayanti


Lord Hanuman is regarded a Vanara God. Hanuman Jayanti comes every year in the month of Chaitra which falls on the fifteenth day of Shukla Paksha. On this day, Lord Hanuman took birth on earth. He is great devotee of Lord Rama.


People who hold great faith in Lord Hanuman follow this festival. On this day, special Hanuman Puja is organised which includes Sundar Kand Path, Hanuman Chalisa etc. Prasad and Bhandara are distributed among the devotees.


Muhurat of Hanuman Jayanti and Purnima


Purnima Begins Monday 08:50 AM 21 April 2016
Purnima Ends Tuesday 11:21 PM 22 April 2016


Significance of Hanuman Jayanti


Lord hanuman is one of the most powerful gods, as he is the incarnation of lord shiva and hanuman jayanti is celebrated as his birthday, he was born on chaitra Purnima day which is the day of full moon. The birth story of hanuman began long before his birth as his mother anjani was an apsara of swargalok, once she received a curse that she will born in the mortal world in the form of a monkey and will live her life being one.


The curse would only remove when she will marry a monkey king and will give birth to the eleventh incarnation of lord Mahadev, then and then only she will retain the swarg back, learning this she was born as a monkey princess and got married to the monkey king Kesari, both gave birth to a beautiful infant who was named maruti and the curse was abolished.


Some other stories related Lord Hanuman birth


Some other reasons why hanuman was born is associated with the curse given to lord Vishnu by Narada, it all began when Narada fell in love with a beautiful princess but she intended to marry narayan only, so he came to lord vishnu and requested him to give his roop so he can impress the princess.


What happened was entirely different as lord Vishnu turned his face into a monkey one and everybody along with the princess made fun of him, learning this Narada became very angry and cursed Vishnu that in his next incarnation he will have to take help of a vanar to find his lost wife?


All of this led to the birth of hanuman, those who worship hanuman receive all the benefits of life related to health, wealth, prosperity and abundance.


Why Lord Hanuman is worshipped


There are many people who have great faith in Lord Hanuman. As per the mythology, Lord Hanuman is immortal and that’s why it’s still alive and always helps their devotees. Lord Hanuman is the sign of great stamina and intellectuality. Those who wish to get blessed by power and knowledgeable like Hanuman worship him.


Though Tuesday and Saturday are consider special day to worship Lord Hanuman but Hanuman Jayanti brings good fortune to the life of devotees. And that’s why Lord Hanuman’s devotees never let go this chance. Lord Hanuman is the second God who can regulate all nine planets in one go.


Apart from it, who worships Lord Hanuman from the bottom of heart, cannot be teased by Saturn. And that’s why the fan following of Lord Hanuman is too long. Hanuman is regarded as God having great physical power and that’s why he is all known as Hero of Heroes.


How it’s celebrated


On this auspicious day, devotees take bath early in the morning. They head to temple in order to take blessing. Many people take fast on this day and chant Hanuman Chalisa Path and Sunder Kand throughout the day. Especial Hanuman Puja is also organised. On the other hand, many devotees serve Prasad among the people.


Worshipping Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti is considered very beneficial. Whether you are suffering from problems in your family, business, career, it can be eradicated by Lord Hanuman. And if you are irritated by Saturn then performing Hanuman Puja on Hanuman Jayanti can bring you out from all kinds of problems. Here, we wish you a very happy Hanuman Jayanti.


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