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Guru Purnima

 Guru Purnima

A good teacher is able to inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil a love of learning. Thus, a good teacher can rotate your life towards the correct direction. His place is very next to the God and our scriptures state this very clearly. Guru word literally is made of two words ‘gu’ and ‘ru’, where ‘gu’ stands for darkness and ‘ru’ means the remover. Guru is the remover of darkness from our lives guiding us towards enlightenment.


Guru Purnima is celebrated by the Hindus, Buddhists and the Jains in our country. It basically marks the birth centenary of Maharishi Vyas, the greatest teacher of all times. It is also known as the Vyas Purnima.



Story Behind Guru Purnima


Guru Purnima is celebrated by the Hindus as according to the Vedas, the first teacher of all times Lord Shiva incarnated on this day as the Adi-Guru came from the Himalayas and gave the first teaching of the seven yoga to the Saptarishi. Fortunately for the mankind, these preachings have been passed on generation to generation even to this day. Maharishi Vyas was later born on the same day.


Why is Guru Purnima Celebrated


Teaching is the only profession that caters to all other professions. All our gurus and the preachers are the ones who enlighten for us the path to achieve our correct destinations. Lord Buddha also gave his first sermon on this auspicious day at Sarnath. In a way, it is our thanksgiving to all preachers including Lord Buddha and Lord Shiva, the first guru of all times.




As per the Hindu Calendar, the festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Ashadha (June–July) of the Shaka Samvat. The shubh muhurat begins at 4:15 am on 19th July, 2016 ending at 4:20 am on 20th July, 2016.




Maharishi Ved Vyas is one of the most distinguished teachers in our scriptures. He wrote Mahabharata as well being a character in it. Thus, on this day disciples offer Puja or pay respect to their Gurus.


Products to perform the puja


There are specific rituals followed on this day:


  • Get up early in the morning and worship your Guru.
  • Offer food to the Brahmins and saints.
  • Sing hymns in the praise of your Guru.
  • Ardent disciples may fast on this day.
  • An auspicious day for meditation.