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Grishneshwar Jyotirling

Grishneshwar Jyotirling


Grishneshwar jyotirling is the last and the final stop among the twelve jyotirling which are dedicated to the supreme deity lord shiva. The temple is located in Aurangabad in Maharashtra; the origin story of the temple is associated with a beautiful story of shiva’s miracles.


In the ancient India lived a man by the name of Brahmavetta who was Brahman on the mountain of devagiri along with his wife sudeha both were devotees of shiva and have been trying from a very long time to conceive a child but it resulted into nothing. Sudeha married her sister ghushma to her husband, she was a great devotee of shiva and used to dedicate hundred and one shivling into the lake nearby as an offering of her devotion. Soon she gave birth to a son and the happiness of the family had no limit but bearing a child made ghushma status above than of her sister sudeha and she became jealous of it.


To seek revenge on her sister sudeha killed the son and threw him in the lake next morning all were praying as daily to the deity but the daughter of law of ghushma noticed marks of blood on the bed and came out screaming but ghushma did not stopped her daily rituals, the father also saw the stains of the blood and started crying but ghushma carried on with her prayers as she believed who gave him the child will give his son back to him and she finished her prayers and just as her rituals she offered hundred and one shivling in the river nearby and just as she believed her son came out of the river both the husband and her sister sudeha were surprised to see this.


Lord shiva than appeared in front of them and told the truth to her that it was her sister who killed her son, ghushma requested bhagwan shiva to stay there as a jyotirling, listening to the request of her devotee shiva stayed there as a jyotirling which we know as Grishneshwar Jyotirling today.


Some exciting facts of Grishneshwar Jyotirling


  • The last jyotirling in all the twelve jyotirling

  • Shiva on a request of a bhakt manifested as a jyotirling

  • A dead person was reborn related to this jyotirling


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