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Griha Pravesh Muhurat in 2016

Griha Pravesh Muhurat in 2016

Someone has rightly said that nothing can be lovely and peaceful rather than Home. It does not matter how beautifully you have decorated, designed or painted your house if the environment of the house does not dwell with the happiness. Everyone expects a lovely home to enjoy life with family.


And that’s why Griha Pravesh is considered quite essential before stepping into a newly built house. Griha Pravesh is a kind of puja which is performed on an auspicious/lucky day in order to bring happiness and prosperity to the house.


To put in other word it can be said that Griha Pravesh Muhurat is way of celebration to go along with new property with taking the blessing of God.


This puja helps to serve your property first to God and request to get blessed with blessings. Griha Pravesh puja shield the home and its occupants from all kinds of negative energy. Performing this special puja helps to fetch positive waves, happiness and joy. This special puja cannot be performed without consider lucky date and time.


If you need Griha Pravesh Muhurat as per Birth details Directly from Pandit Ji, then Cost is Rs. 551. Call 9818543616.


Types Of Griha Pravesh Pooja:


There are three types of House warming rituals which is being elaborated in a discreet manner. Take a look.


1. APOORVA – It’s performed when you decided to get entered in newly built house. Performing this puja helps to diminish and eradicate all the negative vibes and make it auspicious to the occupant and family.


2. SAPOORVA – It also comes under Griha Pravesh but it’s performed when the occupant returns to home after a long time. It also belongs when you enter into a resold house.


3. DWANDWAH - Dwandwah Griha Pravesh is organised if your house has been repaired or renovated. It’s quite essential to perform if your home gets affected by natural or unnatural calamities.


Why It Is Necessary To Perform Griha Pravesh Puja:


The auspicious day and time is selected as per the Panchang. In Hindu religion, performing this Poona is quite essential to perform. Avoiding this special puja, may lead to trouble and misery to the life of the people going to live in the newly built house. Therefore, it’s required to keep certain principle while performing and entering into the house.


The Best Time To Perform Griha Pravesha Pooja:


We are going to quote following Months considered to be the best for Graha Praveshas:


  • Magh: This auspicious month belongs to wealth

  • Falgun: If you are quite considered about wealth and children, then choose Falgun for Griha Pravesh

  • Vaishakh: For wealth and prosperity, go along with Vaishakh.

  • Jestha: Symbolizes gain of son and cattle


Apart from above mentioned, Kartik, Margshirsh are also considered good. It’s mentioned here that avoide Graha Pravesh in the months of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad and Ashwin Paush sicne they are considered inauspicious and can be responsible for loss, trouble, pain


Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2016:


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in January 2016:


Date Day Griha Pravesh Muhurat Nakshatra
01st January 2016 Friday 06:49 to 20:27 Uttara Phalguni


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in February 2016:


12th February 2016 Friday 09:16 to Next Day 06:39 Revati Revati
17th February 2016 Wednesday 06:45 to Next Day 02:14 Mrigashirsha
24th February 2016 Wednesday 09:42 to Next Day 06:41 Uttara Phalguni
25th February 2016 Thursday 06:41 to 12:24 Uttara Phalguni
27th February 2016 Saturday 08:42 to 18:28 Chitra
29th February 2016 Monday Next Day 00:17 to Next Day 06:37 Anuradha


If you need Griha Pravesh Muhurat as per Birth details Directly from Pandit Ji, then Cost is Rs. 551. Call 9818543616.


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in March 2016:


05th March 2016 Saturday 06:35 to 17:11 Uttara Ashadha
10th March 2016 Thursday 06:31 to Next Day 06:30 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
11th March 2016 Friday 06:30 to 15:42 Revati
14th March 2016 Monday 12:57 to Next Day 06:27 Rohini
24th March 2016 Thursday 22:06 to Next Day 06:19 Chitra
25th March 2016 Friday 06:19 to Next Day 01:10 Chitra
28th March 2016 Monday 07:05 to Next Day 05:41 Anuradha


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in April 2016:


02nd April 2016 Saturday 08:33 to 14:26 Uttara Ashadha


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in November 2016:


02nd November 2016 Wednesday 06:18 to 17:57 Anuradha
12th November 2016 Saturday 06:23 to 22:31 Revati
16th November 2016 Wednesday 06:25 to Next Day 06:25 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
23rd November 2016 Wednesday 06:58 to Next Day 06:29 Uttara Phalguni


Griha Pravesh Muhurat in December 2016:


03rd December 2016 Saturday Next Day 01:24 to 06:35 Uttara Ashadha
08th December 2016 Thursday Next Day 00:36 to Next Day 06:38 Uttara Bhadrapada
09th December 2016 Friday 06:38 to Next Day 06:39 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
14th December 2016 Wednesday 06:41 to 18:52 Mrigashirsha
22nd December 2016 Thursday 22:25 to Next Day 06:46 Chitra
23rd December 2016 Friday 06:46 to 21:35 Chitra