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Green Jade Mala

Green Jade Mala

Green Jade mala is used to be protected from unpredictable dangers and to bring harmony and peace into life. This mala is considered very helpful for filling life with good relation. It gives positive energy and makes spiritual advancements.


Number of Beads: 108


Color: Green


Malas are always considered beneficial for mental peace and for spiritual advancement. People use Green JadeMala to get rid of multiple problems of life and to gather strength to fight with the pressure and demands of day to day life and ultimately to get some peace.


Malas have been used since time immemorial to deal with different issues of life.


Green Jade mala is mostly known for stabilizing personality that helps to bring peace and positive energy and to make a balance between heart and soul. It is advisable to wear this mala to get rid of problems and to get mental peace.


Benefits of Green Jade Mala


  • Strengthens positivity
  • Brings fortune into life and fills life with happiness and prosperity
  • Protects from danger
  • Creates healthy and peaceful environment

  • Makes relationships stronger
  • Makes physical, emotional and spiritual advancements
  • Stabilizes mind
  • Creates a balance between mind and heart

  • Gives eternal happiness
  • Builds up strong confidence
  • Makes you emotionally stronger
  • Cleanses your heart

  • Heals your body
  • Opens path for spiritual development

  • Resolves health issue that includes kidney problems
  • Increases Kundalini power
  • Makes you free from stress and pressure


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