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Ghode Ki Naal

Ghode Ki Naal

What is A Horse Shoe?


A horse shoe is an iron metal piece which is used to save horse legs bottom nails from getting affected while running in the fields and working, it is u shaped metal just so it can fit the leg of horse. When this metal is oxidized and is rusting it is removed from the leg and this shoe is then used to be benefitted as it is blessed by the gods.


And not just in India but all around the world it is very famous to bring luck and charm in a person’s as well. In North America people have the same belief; the importance and reason behind can also be its shape and metal as per the feng shui it shapes is the most auspicious formation .


How Can It Benefit You?


A horse shoe can benefit you in a number of ways such as


  • If it is kept in a black cloth inside the locker where you keep your money, wealth and riches will be attracted in your life.
  • If it is kept in a black cloth in the grains than your house will never see a shortage of food.
  • Hang the horse shoe facing downwards at your front door and it will protect from black magic, spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings.
  • A horse shoe attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • Fame and glory is observed in a person’s life.
  • Success is observed from all corners of life.


A horse shoe protects you from the effect of shani sade sati as well but it is very important to have the real horse shoe which has been taken from the horse leg and not been created by some other metal but pure iron with no mixture of other elements.


A false product will not benefit you and your problems will not be resolved, one way which you can know if it is real or not is to place in between corn seed for overnight and they will pop only if the horse shoe is real.


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