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Ghata Sthapana Muhurat 2016

Importance of Ghata Sthapana


The period of navratri the nine nights of worshiping goddess durga has arrived. The very word navratri is a combination of two distinct words “nav’ and “ratri” which means nine and nights respectively


The most important event of this period begins on its first day with the ghata sthapana which is also commonly known as kalash staphana, this is considered most important as it acts as an invitation to the navdurga roop of the goddess along with the blessings of prosperity and abundance.


The kalash sthapna requires a few necessary rituals such as


  • Mostly the kalash used is made up of mud and not of any metal.
  • Place some rice inside the pot.
  • And cover it with green leaves of mango and flowers.
  • After it place a Nariyal on the top of it.
  • The top head of the Nariyal must be covered with red chunri which is a symbol of durga.
  • Mark a swastika on your kalash with vermillion.
  • And offer your prayers to welcome the navdurga roop at your home.


Ghata Sthapana Muhurat 2016


Date 8 April 2016 1st October 2016
Tithi Beginning Time 11:23:15 05:41 on 1st Oct 2016
Tithi End Time 12:30:07 07:45 on 2nd Oct 2016


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