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Free Kal Sarpa Dosha Report

What is kaal sarpa dosha?


Kaal sarp dosha is the most dangerous dosha of all and is observed in a person’s kundali when the entire planet from all the houses comes under the influence of rahu and ketu; this alignment is considered very deadly for a person’s health and can even cause death in extreme cases.


How it can affect you


The presence of this dosha creates hurdles at every point for a person because of which


  • He faces failure in most of things he do

  • Career never becomes stable

  • Relationships are distorted and fights and clashes appear between couples

  • Conceiving a child becomes very difficult

  • Death threats are very common, untimely death is more likely to happen.

    Different ways to nullify its effect


    Kaal sarp dosha can be removed with the help of the knowledge given in our vedas


  • Traditional astrology can help in removing the dosha with different vedic solutions

  • Lal Kitab solution can also remove this effect

  • Vashikaran help

  • Tantrik methods to remove the dosha

    Our service


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