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Enemy Protection, Vashikaran & Other Puja

We are living in a time where people just can’t see us getting successful and happy, more than supporters there are people who are jealous of our success , people put road blocks in your path, pressurize you to make you suffer.
If you are facing a problem as such of enemies, then we can help you to get rid of such problems we can perform puja for protection from enemy, Vashikaran and other puja, to arrange a puja for yourself contact us, we can perform it either at your home, or any temple you choose, if not then we can also suggest a temple, puja prasad will be delivered to your place, video recording of puja as well.


 Matangni Puja Matangni Puja
Goddess Matangi Puja includes the Puja and Yagna of the ninth form of Ten Mahavidyas. Goddess Matangi Devi Puja Vidhi and Mantra Jaap Sadhana give power of speech, creativity and knowledge.
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  Baglamukhi Puja Baglamukhi Puja
Maa baglamukhi recognize the eighth significant position among all the ten (Das) Mahavidya’s in Hindu Methodology .Maa Bagalamukhi Puja is performed according to ancient Vedic rituals.
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  Shatru Vinashak Puja Shatru Vinashak Puja
Baglamukhi Devi puja is also called Shatru vinashak or Shatru shamharak puja. Baglamukhi Devi destruct the enemy of her devotee. Baglamukhi Devi puja or upasna is a powerful upasna because the powerfulness of deity.
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  Vashikaran Puja Vashikaran Puja
Vashikaran simply means to control a person. It is an ancient method in which one person casts a spell on another person and brings that person under his or her control. This Puja is very critical for people who want to control their enemies.
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Puja of 51 Shakti Peeth Puja of 51 Shakti Peeth
The story of how the 51 Shakti Peethas came into existence is a fascinating one, speaking of wifely devotion and Lord Shiva’s retribution. Shakti, also known as Sati, was Lord Shiva’s wife.
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