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Durga Shakti puja

Durga Shakti puja

Goddess Durga is one of the forms of Goddess Shakti, the mother of entire existence. Goddess Durga represents the power of the Supreme consciousness; She was born by combining the power of all Gods. Goddess Durga in Herself has the powers of Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali combined.


Goddess Durga has numerous forms, roles and names She is Shakti, Parvati, Gauri, Kali and much more. Goddess Durga is the primary energy of the universe, there can be no creation or destruction without the powers of Goddess Durga. The name Durga means 'the invincible'; She is the destroyer of the evil and preserver of truth and righteousness.


Durga Shakti Puja is performed to honor Goddess maha Durga and her all nine forms. Get blessed by performing Maa Nav Durga Maha Puja and Yagna Sadhana at home or office.


It is performed to achieve Health, Wealth, Success, Prosperity and Abundance.


Nav Durga represents nine forms of Goddess. These nine forms of Maa Durga are Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratra, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri. The nine forms of Goddess Durga are especially worshipped during the Navratri (Nine Divine Nights) festival each year.


Durga, the Mother Goddess of the Hindus and a form of Devi and Shakti, is believed to have manifested in various forms, and Navadurga Maa are believed to be the most sacred aspects of Goddess Durga.


According to a Hindu tradition, it is believed that there are three major forms in which Goddess Durga manifested herself, namely, Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali who are the active energies (Shakti) of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra respectively.


These three forms of Durga further manifested in three more forms each, and thus emerged the nine forms of Durga, which are collectively called Navadurga or Nine Durgas.




  • For divine grace and blessings of Maa Durga
  • For protection and relief from diseases
  • For health, wealth and prosperity
  • For self confidence and courage


Puja Services:


Sthapana (Ganesh, Devi, Navgraha, Kalash, Brahma), Navagraha Mantra Japa (1 mala of each planet), Rudra Kalash Pujan, Shodus Kalash Pujan, Sarvato Bhadra Pujan, Chetrapal Mandal Pujan, Chatukasti Yogini Pujan, Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses, Shailaputri Mantra Japa, Brahmacharini Mantra Japa, Chandraghanta Mantra Japa, Kushmanda Mantra Japa, Skandamata Mantra Japa, Katyayani Mantra Japa, Kalaratri Mantra Japa, Mahagauri Mantra Japa and Siddhidatri Mantra Japa, Nav Durga Homa, Yajna, Aarti and Pushpanjali


Duration: 9 days


Number of priests: 5


Number of Chants: 51000 per day of each Goddess.