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Drishti Poosa Ring

Drishti Poosa Ring


Drishti poosa ring is very powerful and capable in dispelling all harmful effects that arise from a staring gaze or look of a person with envy. Drishti poosa ring can be worn on any ring of left hand.



Most people have beliefs that the evil caused by the gaze of some wicked people is probably connected to symptoms such as drying, withering, and dehydration condition.



In many cultures, a person that is believed to have an evil eye can harm adults, children, livestock, new built home or building, success or progress of anything or possessions, simply by looking at them with envy.



We provide original drishti poosa ring and we first charge and energize it with strong evil eye dispelling mantra. You can contact us to get drishti poosa ring. We also provide home delivery option for all our loyal customers.