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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull Crystal Skull is a piece of crystal resembles a human skull. It has been carved out by some experienced worker of stone. It has been used by many people in order to get healed. Apart from it, Crystal skulls have great value for guidance as well as has been used for divination for thousands of years. In history, we find that crystal skulls were regarded as prominent jewellery.


It does not help to adorn them, but express the personality of the wearer’s too. In Egypt, crystal skull has been used on a large scale due to have great healing powers.


Significant 5 Benefits of Crystal Skulls


  • Crystal Skulls do not only look good, but it’s also loaded with the natural healing properties which get set at different frequencies of healing which goes along with the wearer without confronting any problem.

  • One of the major factors which make Crystal Skull different is that it can be programmed as per the desired intention in order to heal the wearer.

  • Holding specific frequency and resonance make it quite different which play an enormous role to amplify the power of intention.

  • When you start to use, it’s must to take an interest in this crystal skull and when you show your interest, you will find to resonate with the specific positive energy.

  • It does not belong to black magic or negative energy to make you feel special. It helps stone collection grate energy and makes you away from negative aura.


Use of Crystal Skulls



  • It’s one and only stone which can work for your loved once without minding the distance. It does not matter if your loved once are not living near to you, this crystal skull can work for them.


When you keep it close to you, it will make you feel like you have a true friend to make you safe from negative energy.


There are many types of Crystal Skull in stones like Amethyst, Turquoise, Amber, Amazonite etc in different – different weights. Contact 09870286388 for more information about the Crystal Skull.