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Chirmi Beads

Chirmi Beads Chirmi Beads is also known as Gunja. These beads grow in the dense forests of Aravali mountain range in India. Chirmi beads represent Goddess Lakshmi and considered another image of Shri Lakshmi, the deity of wealth.


It is believed that the wearer of chirmi beads blessed with wealth, health, money and prosperity. Chirmi beads are believed to be thousands of years old. It is said that these beads only be with the lucky person, because these bring good luck to its wearer. These beads will never stay with an unlucky person.


The Chirmi beads are used to remove evil effects of negative energies, black magic and bring good luck. These beads are also very protective and save possessor from any type of physical harm.


The description about chirmi beads are given in many Hindu text books and have been using for ancient ages to get good luck and prosperity in home. It is kept in lockers, money boxes or purses. Chirmi beads are found in many colors such as white, Red and Black color. These three colors are considered to represent Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Mahalakshmi and Goddess Kali.


So the chirmi beads are believed to have the power and blessing of all three goddess. People bring these beads in home to get kindness of all three goddess. These are considered very powerful goddess in Hinduism. The goddesses are known to provide good luck, fame, authority, peace, good health, prosperity and protection from evils, spirits, black magic and any danger.