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Buy Chhath Puja Kit, Cost: Rs. 2100/-

 Chhath Puja Kit Chhath Puja is performed all across India with great enthusiasms. On this day, many devotees keep fast for the whole day and worship Lord Surya. On the auspicious day of Chhath, devotees head to Ghat.

Chhath Puja is one of the biggest pujas and that's why it is considered very auspicious. To perform this puja Devotees needs to have all essential pujan samagri.

If you are not finding enough time to collect Chhath puja material then we are here to help you. We are serving chhath Puja kit which holds all necessary puja items.

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Chhath Pujan Samgari

If you have been struggling with the time, then you order Chhath Puja Kit arranged by experienced priests. All sorts of necessary pujan samagari have been packed inside. Here, we are going to explore what we are going to serve in this special Chhath Puja Kit. Let's have a look.

1) Surya Yantra 2) Panchamrit, 3) Hawan samagri
4) Ganpati Yantra 5) Puja Thali, 6) Agarbatti,
7) Coin (Dakshina), 8) Red Cloth, 9) Dhoop,
10) Camphor (Kapoor), 11) Sandal, 12) Camphor,
13) Diya, 14) Rice, 15) Mango Woods,
16) Ghee, 17) Supari, 18) Colors for rangoli,
19) Holy Water, 20) Wheat, 21) Cotton wicks,
22) Kumkum, 23) Jaggery, 24) Mustered oil
25) Khajur, 26) Coconut dry, 27) Matchbox, 28) Mishri


Buy Chhath Puja Kit


Price of above Kit is Rs. 2100,


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Special Chhath Puja Kit Price: Rs.7100


You will get Kamakhya Sindoor + Kamakhya Vastra in your Chhath Puja kit.


Click at this button to buy special chhath puja kit and share your address at this email:, or whatsapp us at 9999505545.


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