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Chandra Grahan 2016

Chandra Grahan 2016

What is Chandra grahan?


Chandra grahan occurs when earth our planet comes in between the moon and sun. Actually moon has no light of its own, it shines by the reflection of sun on it and when earth comes in between it loses that and Chandra grahan occurs.


Why Chandra Grahan Occurs?


There are many reasons of a chandra grahan and according to the mythological history, its story actually began at the time samudra manthan, when dev and asura both agreed to churn the shir sagar the ocean only on one condition that when the amrit will come out both the community will have equal right upon it but when finally amrit came out devta realized that asura will use the amrit to do adharma and seeked lord Vishnu’s help for this problem, lord vishnu disguised himself as menaka incarnation and spell bounded asura and started distributing the amrit to dev and plain water to asura.


Only one asura swarbhanu saw through this trick and sat among the devtas and drank the amrit but was identified by chandra dev and surya dev and they both reported him to vishnu and he beheaded him with sudarshan but swarbhanu was immortal as an effect of amrit and lived on, the head part is rahu and body is ketu both often seek there revenge by galloping chandra and surya occasionally and this why grahan occurs.


Details of Chandra Grahan:


Penumbra star– 15:41:16 North America, South America, Asia, Indian ocean, Australia Atlantic and region of Arctic.
Complete Lunar eclipse – 17:47:47 North America, South America, Asia, Indian ocean, Australia Atlantic and region of Arctic.
Penumbra end- 19:54:18 North America, South America, Asia, Indian ocean, Australia Atlantic and region of Arctic.


The Chandra grahan will take place on 23 March 2016 this year


What to do on Chandra Grahan?


There are some very important things you must know on the Chandra grahan which are required to do.


  • Observe a fast on the day of Chandra grahan to seek blessings of Chandra dev.
  • When the Chandra grahan is lifted, then it is advised to take bath in a holy river such as Ganga and if you don’t have one nearby then take bath in lake and river of holy status nearby you.
  • It is advised to stay at home in the period of grahan and don’t begin any important work.
  • During the period of Chandra grahan it is advised to chant auspicious mantras from vedas to be protected completely.
  • Observe meditation on this day to keep calm on blood circulation in your body and to avoid any medical ailment.


What not to do on Chandra grahan?


  • Do not eat anything that is cooked before Chandra grahan as it is spoiled and not good for health.
  • Do not prepare any meal in the period of grahan.
  • Do not perform any havan and yagna on the day of Chandra grahan.
  • Muhurat is not auspicious to carry out any marriage related ceremony on grahan day.


Guidelines for Pregnant Women:


Pregnant women are the easiest target of malicious effect of Chandra Grahan so:


  • Do not eat or drink anything in presence of grahan.
  • Chant Santan Gopala mantra at least hundred and eight times to avoid any ill effect on unborn child.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with Chandra grahan.
  • Do not go out of house on grahan day.
  • All ornaments such as jewelry must be recovered from the body to be saved of any health problem.


Chandra Dev Mantra:


“Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandra Namah”


Chant this mantra on this day to be saved from any ill effect and to bless by Chandra dev.