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Chaitra Navaratri Puja Kits

Auspiciousness of Navaratri Puja


“Navaratri” the nine nights are associated with the divinity of maa durga; each day is dedicated to the devotion to her different incarnation. From the very first day the rituals of the parva involve from kalash sthapana to durga puja, aarti and kanya puja. All the rituals involve a proper method and samigri which are as per the Vedic instructions to please the deity and to receive her auspicious blessings.


Navratri puja kit


A complete navratri puja kit includes


  • A beautiful red color chunari
  • Kumkum that is used for tilak and yantra preparation
  • Nariyal for ghata sthapana and thali pujan
  • Camphor tablets
  • Kalawa to be worn after puja
  • Navaratri prayer book
  • Dhoop bati
  • One Pooja diya with bati
  • Ganga Jal
  • Honey
  • Durga Idol
  • Small thali


We can also prepare a customized thali as per your needs and demands


Benefits of Navratri puja kit


A well performed navaratri parva puja will make you observe these changes in your life such as


  • Abundance and prosperity will flow in your life
  • Wealth and riches will be attracted
  • Positivity in home and work place will be observed
  • Career and business will flourish
  • Protection from enemies and jealously people will be provided
  • No amount of black magic, occult will be able to harm you
  • A protective circle of positivity will be created around you and your family members
  • All the goals that you want to achieve will observe success you desire


Our service

We are a dedicated team of genuine practionar and pandits who have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual methods,if you wish to have this navaratri puja kit then leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number.


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