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Kamakhya Dham Religious Yatra

Kamakhya Dham Religious Yatra



Kamakhya Devi is the goddess of fulfilling desires of all her devotees and it is a matter of great of fortune and luck to be able to visit her temple personally but we realize that going at such a place with your family needs a proper planning and knowledge all the aspects such as destination, logging, travel and all other charges that will be involved.


We do realize how important this visit is for you and to help the devotees we have formulated the best available yatra package that includes complete visit of the kamakhya temple and other landmarks.


Based on this study predictions are made about near future and life, which show us the effect of the planetary motions, sometimes they are in our favor and sometimes they are not but predictions help us to be prepared and to take right decision which can minimize the damage we are likely to face and to make the most of the time which is in our favor and auspicious for us.






  • Arrival at Guwahati Airport


We will meet and greet you at your arrival at the Guwahati airport and from there will take you to your booked hotel. After your arrival at hotel later you will visit.


  • Sankardeva Kalakhetra


A very beautiful tourist attraction in a form of cultural institution made in the honor of a great poet Srimantha Sankardeva.


  • Dinner and overnight stay


After return to hotel, dinner will be arranged for you and your rooms will ready for a comforting overnight stay.


  • Visit to kamakhya devi Temple


In the morning breakfast will be arranged after which visit to kamakhya temple will begin. Some other attractions those will be visited are


  • Umananda Temple
  • Balaji Temple
  • Navagrah Temple
  • River cruise over Brahmaputra river
The cruise will depend on the river condition such as tide, water level and Atmospheric conditions.


  • Overnight stay in Guwahati will be arranged.




  • Departure at Guwahati Airport


In the morning breakfast will be arranged for you after that arrangements will be made to take to the airport. The yatra package ends at this point.