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Bleeding Devi or Menstruating Goddess

Kamakhya Kada Significance of bleeding goddess


Goddess kamakhya, the goddess of desire is known by many names and bleeding goddess is just one of them. She is the goddess who holds a very important status in the fifty one Shakti peetha of adishakti which are located around the Indian sub- continent.


Legend of the bleeding goddess


According to legends Devi sati the wife of lord shiva was the daughter of a very powerful king daksha prajapati who disliked shiva to a great extent and was not happy with her marriage. Once he arranged a great yagna in which he invited every god but did not invited his own son in law.


This angered devi sati to a great extent he asked her father to repent his sin but on the contrary he insulted shiva to a great level, this outraged her and to stop the yagna she sat in the fire havan kund and died.


Learning this shiva carried her dead body all around the world in grief and Vishnu cut her body in pieces to restore balance to shiva. All the pieces fell in different direction and vulva part fell in Assam where Kamakhya temple is constructed.


Ambu bachi mela in honor of the bleeding goddess


The temple have a part which is located underground where in the month of July the goddess bleed which is known to be her menstrual time, this time last for about three days and temple is kept closed for the visitors and pandits as well. During this period a grand feast is arranged which is known as Ambu bachi mela. After the span of these three days the devotees are allowed to visit the temple and take blessings of the goddess.


Whoever worships the goddess is blessed with


  • Immense wealth and riches
  • Is never short of abundance and prosperity in his life
  • Improved love and relationships
  • Profit in business and career
  • Success in all goals of life.


Whoever wishes to have experience above than ordinary must visit the temple to seek bleeding goddess blessings.


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