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Black Horse Shoe

Black Horse Shoe

Importance of Black Horse Shoe


A black horse shoe is not an ordinary object as it is associated with the lord shani. It is believed that a horse shoe attracts luck in your life. Shani dev blesses the house which is in protection of horse shoe.


And not just in India but all around the world it is very famous to bring luck and charm in a person’s as well. In North America people have the same belief; the importance and reason behind can also be its shape and metal as per the feng shui it shapes is the most auspicious formation to be in a positive environment, construction of any object in the same shape and with horse shoe metal will impart the same energy.



Black Horse Shoe for Shani Sade Sati


Shani dev is most feared by all as he is believed to bring his Sade sati in our life which is a period of seven and half year, this period is most feared as it brings along lot of challenges in a person’s life related to his


  • Health
  • Personal life
  • Love and relationship life
  • Wealth and riches
  • Career an business
  • Wisdom and intellect is also affected


Black horse shoe for black magic


A black horse shoe that is placed at the door of your house is a symbol for shani dev to exempt you from his Sade sati effect not just this but its presence also protects you from


  • Protection from evil spirit, ghosts and paranormal beings is provided.
  • No amount of occult and black magic will be able to hurt you.
  • Your enemies who plan to hurt you will never be successful.


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