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Black Agate (Hakik) Mala

Black Agate (Hakik) Mala

Agate is meant for total cleansing process of body, mind and spirit and for achieving spiritual enhancement.


And Agate is used for protecting from evil power and black energy and getting all round success. It is considered very powerful and effective.


Black Agate is a semi precious opaque gem and it is used to minimize the ill influence of Saturn planet in horoscope and to strengthen its positive side.


It is used for multiple purposes.


It attracts fortune and gives strength and energy and works as the best healer during the time of stress by developing positivity and strengthening will power.


Black Agate Mala mainly gives positivity and energy, enhances productivity and cures infertility and fills life with new joy and protects from any evil influence.


Number of Beads: 108


Black Agate is advisable for those who have bad Saturn and faces failures in every aspect of life.


To buy Black Agate Mala just Add to kart by Debit/Credit or Net Banking from above Button and after order confirm we will ship at your address, Contact at 9870286388.


Benefits of Black Hakik Mala


  • Makes spiritual development
  • Reduces negativity

  • Builds strong concentration and develops clarity
  • Creates healthy environment

  • Promotes fortune by eliminating the influence of bad luck
  • Conquers fear and ill powers and gives strength to deal with failure and stress

  • Resolves health issues that includes bone related diseases and allergies
  • Makes financial growth

  • Protects from trantra attack and black magic
  • Minimizes the bad influence of planet Saturn and strengthens its positive impact

  • Proves helpful for gynecological problems
  • Saves from any physical danger

  • Increases power, strength and energy


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