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Bhimashakar Jyotirling

Bhimashankar Jyotirling


This jyotirling is located in the pune district of the state of Maharashtra and is part of the twelve jyotirling .Like all jyotirling this one also have a story behind its origin.


Once lived a mighty asura known by the name of bheem in the dark forests of this region who was feared by everyone around him, nobody dared to go close to him or to attack him but yet the demon was himself was not at peace as he was not in knowledge of his own roots, this outraged him and he decided to find out the truth about him and went to see his mother Karkati and enquired about his father.


At first, the mother neglected his question but later was not left with any choice and decided to tell him about his father, she told that his father was a great warrior who was feared even by the gods sit in the heaven and was known by the name of Kumbhkaran who was the brother of the mightiest lord of asuras known as Ravan, both were slayed by the seventh incarnation of lord vishnu rama.


Hearing this filled his heart with hatred against Vishnu and he decided to avenge his father’s death and prayed to lord brahma to seek powers and was blessed by him who distorted the balance of all the three worlds and bheem ruled even over the Indra, he even controlled the kamarupeshwara who was a great devotee to bhagwan shiva. Bheem tormented kamarupeshwara to worship him instead of shiva but he did not listened so bheem took his sword and tried to destroy the shiv linga, to protect his devotee shiva appeared and a never ending war began between the two, to stop this war Narada appeared and requested shiva to end this war and shiva slayed the head of the demon and turned him into ashes.


All the devas and three worlds were then relieved and requested shiva to stay as a jyotirling there which came to known as Bhimashankar. The sweat of shiva which fell at this during war became the river Bhima.


Some exciting facts about Bhimshankar Jyotirling


  • The origin of the temple is related to an ancestor of Ravana

  • A river by the name of Bhima originates from this Bhimashankar Jyotirling

  • Kamalaja temple can be found nearby dedicated to the incarnation of parvati

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