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Bhairav-Puja-Mantra-Jaap-and-Yagna Bhairav is the incarnation of lord shiva who is considered as the angriest avatar according to legends at one time lord vishnu and brahma went into an argument that who is the most powerful and supreme of the three, brahma without a delay outspoken as that he is the supreme as he is creator of everything and he started interfering in the doings of Mahadev.

Which eventually disturbed the balance, shiva to stop this and to kill the egoistic behavior of brahma pricked one of his nail and threw it away which manifested as bhairav avatar of shiva and cut off the fifth head of lord brahma and lowered his arrogance and restored the balance once again .

Benefits of Bhairav Puja Mantra Jaap and Yagna

Bhairav puja is very beneficial but must be performed in accordance of the Vedic instructions mentioned in the Atharva Veda as this is the only way your prayers will reach to the supreme deity and it is extremely important to perform this puja in the presence of a genuine practitioner as this puja and yagna is a combination of mantras which are of miraculous powers and can only affect if invoke properly, a well performed puja will make you observe many benefits such as :

  • All the supreme deities will be in your favor which is lord brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
  • All the Navagrah will be on your side and will never show negative effect in your life
  • Spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings will disappear from your life
  • Abundance and prosperity will come in your life
  • Success in all your doings will be achieved
  • Wealth and riches will flow in your life
Our service

We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual help and will provide with all the samagri and genuine pandit who can perform Bhairav puja mantra jaap and yagna for you, to do so leave a query on our website or contact us on our helpline.


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