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Beej Mantra

Before understanding the importance of beej mantra let us first discuss what is?A beej mantra is the root mantra or to say the fundamental of the ritual that serves your deity. The word beej itself means the seed and the mantra serves the same purpose, just as the seed is planted and watered to grow up into a tree that bears the fruit you hoped for, the beej mantra is also a seed that starts up the process of being blessed by god to fulfill your dreams. Every god has its own beej mantra that connects a follower to his deity.


Our Vedas have provided all the necessary information and process to activate these mantras to benefit you in the maximum ways. If you are not sure which mantra is the beej mantra for your Ishta then leave us a query and we will provide you all the necessary details you must have to perform the ritual associated with these mantras. Accepting this mantra in your life can benefit you in the ways you cannot even imagine; it can increase the outcome of your efforts to a very high rate.


What is Beej Mantra What is Beej Mantra
Mantras have been used by people to get rid of their problems since ages. Beej Mantras as the name suggests are mantras that are seed mantras that are shorter in size but no less powerful.
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Types of Beej Mantra Types of Beej Mantra
Beej Mantra Types depends on the Types of the God and Goddess. Basic Beej Mantra is “OM” and the other Beej mantra is the part of this Beej mantra.
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Beej Mantra For Problem Solution Beej Mantra For Problem Solution
Most of us face a lot of problems in life. The problems become so huge that a person has to seek help from gods and goddesses to end his problems. If you also believe that gods can solve all your problems then you should try using the power of Beej Mantra for Problem Solution.
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Beej Mantra For Planets Beej Mantra For Planets
It is a known fact that planets rule our lives. If the planets are correctly located in our astronomical charts, we will have a pleasant and good life. But unfortunately, the planets always keep on changing their positions and most people suffer a lot of problems due to these changes.
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Surya Beej Mantra Surya Beej Mantra
In order to understand a suryabeej mantra, we need to understand about a beej mantra first. A beej mantra is a combination of few powerful words that helps a person to get rid of various sorts of problems and helps him or her to have a good life.
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Vashikaran Beej Mantra Vashikaran Beej Mantra
Vashikaran is a process of controlling the behavior of other person. This process has been used by people since ages and if it’s done correctly would be very successful. It should be adopted with care and only to gain just benefits.
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