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Baglamukhi Kit for Court Case

Baglamukhi Kit for Court Case


Baglamukhi Kit has always been one of the most sought after kit for performing the puja in order to win the court case. It’s a complete Kit to worship Goddess Baglamukhi. This contains all kinds of auspicious item essential for performing this puja.



Why Baglamukhi Is Worshipped

Goddess Baglamukhi is worshipped for protection and victory in legal matters and it’s quite important to perform puja by following all rituals and rule. There is a great significance to worship Baglamukhi as you can get success over enemies and can acquire good wealth. Performing Baglamukhi worship clear your way and carve out a way towards success.



Goddess Baglamukhi is of yellow complexion and that’s why all kinds of cloth used in this puja are essential to have a yellow hue. MaaBaglamukhi is regarded as goddess of power of strength and when you worship of MaaBaglamukhi, you get infused with the incredible power to get win. Your all fear gets diminished from your life.



Maa Baglamukhi holds great power to make blessed their devotees with instant results. She provides you unconditional relief and makes your life trouble free. If you win to perform Baglamukhi Puja then you have to consider this kit.



Baglamukhi Puja Kit Contains



This Baglamukhi Puja Kit contains all the essential things belong to this worship. It has been prepared by experienced priest.



We provide you well managed Baglamukhi Pooja Kit having MaaBaglamukhiYantra, Yellow Sari for MaaBaglamukhi, Whole Turmeric (Haldi) Pack, BaglamukhiHavanSamagri Pack, Cow dung Cake, Turmeric Powder, Altar Cloth, Woolen Puja Assan, Havan stick (Mango), Mouli (Sacred thread) to be tied on right hand of males and left of females, Havan Exotic Herbs Pack, Turmeric (Haldi)Mala, Pure Ghee, Camphor (Kapur) Balls, Akshat (Yellow), Puja Dhoti with Shawl, Yellow Mustard Seeds and Honey.



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