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Aundha Nagnath


This jyotirling is a member of the twelve jyotirling which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and is found in the district of hingoli in the state of Maharashtra. The origin of this temple dates back to the period of dwapar yug when the pandavas were in the exile of fourteen years after being defeated in the game of chausar and during this exile period the eldest of the pandavas yudhistir laid the foundation of this jyotirling and named it Aundha Nagnath.


This place is famous for one of the great devotee of bhagwan shiva who was known by the name of Namdev, his story is known by the fact that once he was offering his prayers to lord shiva but the pandits of the temple ridiculed him of being from the low caste and that he is creating problems for them to offer puja to the deity.


Hearing this Namdev came out of the temple and went on the backside of it and started offering his prayers in the form of bhajans what happened next was something nobody imagined as the temple turned itself in the direction of Namdev, this event made the priests realize there mistakes and the devotion of Namdev was proved to everybody, this is the reason why nandi faces the back at the front of all the temples dedicated to shiva


This temple is visited by thousands of devotee’s every day and those who wish to seek the blessing of all the jyotirling must visit this on the number seventh as per the Hindu ritual instructions.


Some exciting facts about Aundha Nagnath


  • The eldest pandav Yudhistir laid the foundation of the temple

  • Nandi’s placement facing the back at the front of the temple is associated with this temple

  • Guru Nanak also visited the temple in his time.

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