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Ashadh Gupt Navratri 2016

What is Asadh Gupt Navratri


Ashadh Navratri is out of four Navratri parva which is dedicated to maa durga and the other nine incarnation of adishakti, not much people know but Ashadh Navratri is also known by the name of gupt Navratri which is not known to everybody but a very few who realize its importance, the very word gupt means secret, hidden and not easily revealed.


Importance of Ashadh Navaratri


This navaratri have its importance with the tantrik community of Hindu religion, which dedicates itself to the atharva Veda rituals and teachings, it is believed that on this day maa durga is worshiped by the tantriks from all over the world to obtain siddhis and to increase their powers to the maximum limit.


On this day the paranormal beings, spirits and ghosts are very active and charged with high powers and are reached by only high level tantriks to resolve problems of troubled human beings and are also helped to be freed from this world and finally be able to attain moksha as soul.


Asadh Gupt Navratri Puja Dates and Muhurat:


Navratri Day 1 5th July 2016 (Tuesday)
Navratri Day 2 6th July 2016 (Wednesday)
Navratri Day 3 7th July 2016 (Thursday)
Navratri Day 4 8th July 2016 (Friday)
Navratri Day 5 9th July 2016 (Saturday)
Navratri Day 6 10th July 2016 (Sunday)
Navratri Day 7 11th July 2016 (Monday)
Navratri Day 8 12th July 2016 (Tuesday)
Navratri Day 9 13th July 2016 (Wednesday)


Ghat or kalash sthapana Muhurat in Gupt Navratri 2016:


5th July 2016 (Tuesday) 11 Am to 12:42 Noon


Utthapan Muhurat: 13th July 2016 (Wednesday)


Ashadh navratri is also known by some other names in different parts of the country such as


  • Varaha navratri
  • Gayatri navratri
  • Shakumbhari navratri
  • Bhadrakali navratri


Each is though celebrated the same way as per the rituals guidelines by the vedas


Mantra to remember goddess on this day


या देवी सर्व भुतेशु विष्णु-मये- ि सब्दिथा नम: तस्ये नम: तस्ये नम: तस्ये नमो नम:||


Chant this mantra at least hundred and eight times to receive the auspicious blessings of the gupt navaratri in your life.


Some important rituals of the day


Gupt navratri or Ashadh is celebrated by following a set of rituals listed below:


  • Take bath early morning before sunrise
  • Than dress into clean clothes preferably red or white
  • Arrange a proper thali consisting of mata idol, Kumkum, small red bangles, forehead bindi and dhoop
  • Sprinkle gangajal or clean water across your home in every room to be cleansed of all negative energy


Book Puja at auspicious day of Asadh Gupt Navratri 2016


If you are facing any problem like business and finance, career and job, love and relationship, legal matter and court cases then you can perform the Goddess Durga puja at this holy occasion of Asadh Gupt Navratri. To perform the puja call our helpline No: +91-9870286388.


Celebrating this navaratri will attract everything you need in your life.

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