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Ambubachi Mela

Ambubachi Mela


What is Ambubachi mela?


Ambubachi mela comes once a year in Guwahati in the state of Assam only in the month of June. This mela is of high extreme among the people living here and for the devotees from all around the world who visit it every year.


It is dedicated to the most powerful form of Devi known by the name of Maa kamakhya, who is known as the goddess of desire and fulfills all the wishes of worldly pleasures of her devotees.



Why it is celebrated?


This month is considered as the menstrual period for the goddess and temple is closed because of this reason and as it is believed commonly for all women in Hindu religion as they are impure during the menstrual cycle same is believed for the goddess, so every devotees keep him or herself away from being involved with any sort of cooking, religious activity and farming related work.


The temple remains closed for the three days and is opened after it so the devotees who have come in the mela can get the auspicious and divine blessings of the goddess. The most fascinating fact about this temple is that there is no idol of the goddess inside the temple and only a stone that is carved in the shape of the vulva part of the goddess is placed there.


The place during this period becomes the hub of visit also for the tantriks from all over the country as it is believed that the goddess will bless them with powers they have always wanted to obtain to carry out their tantrik rituals.


Prasad from the temple


After the end of the mela, the gates of the temple are opened for all and the priest worships the goddess to impart everybody with her blessings to make them achieve in life whatever they want.


The temple offers two types of prasad on this day which is known as the Angavastra and Angodak both means the holy liquid that is a form of body fluid of the goddess which is monsoon water and a cloth from the temple which devotees can keep with each other to attract all materialistic gains and to fulfill their desires.