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Amber Mala

Amber Mala

Amber is an ancient pine tree resin that had been used as jewelries by Tibetans and Native Americans.


It was used for both sacred and social purposes and was also traded as currency by ancient kings.


Amber Mala is used for multiple purposes i.e. for reducing pressure from life.It opens path for happiness and growth.


It is also believed that Amber Mala helps to remove poverty and makes financial advancements.


And it has been used since ancient time and has proved helpful for achieving desired results.


Benefits of Amber Mala


  • It gives peace and makes mind concentrated
  • Makes heart stronger and gives courage to overcome difficulties

  • Opens path for peace and creates healthy family environment
  • Strengthens internal energy

  • Helps in calming down
  • Gives good health

  • Improves your Kundalini power
  • Makes physically strong and mentally calm

  • Balances mind and heart
  • Develops concentration

  • Lifts heaviness
  • Absorbs impurities
  • Used for healing negative energy


Number of Beads in Amber Mala: 108


Color of Beads: Yellow


Different kinds of Amber malas are available in current market and it is very difficult to choose the right one as all the malas color is yellow. If you are planning to buy Amber Mala then take the help of experts to choose the original which color is golden yellow. Amber should be purified after using for healing purpose to free it from the vibration of negative energy.


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