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One Eye Coconut One Eye Coconut
One eye coconut is very useful and is known as the best medium to get the blessing of god and goddesses. It can be kept anywhere, in office or in work place. And businessmen prefer to keep it in the cash box by tying it with a piece of red cloth.
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Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani) Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani)
People have wrong idea about Naga Mani or Cobra pearl, they believe that it is normally found on the hood of black Cobra Snake, but it is not the reality about the precious cobra pearl.
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 Indrakshi Mala Indrakshi Mala
Indrakshi Mala is considered very powerful and beneficial. It protects the owner from any kind of harm and danger. This mala is made with the combination of 1 to 21 mukhis. It is believed that the wearer of Indrakshi mala.
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 Kuber Mani Mala Kuber Mani Mala
Kuber Mani Mala is being embraced by 1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha along with Kuber Mantra. In the Indrakshi Mala there are 1 to 21 Face Rudraksha Combination but in the Kuber Mani Mala there are 1 to 14 Face Rudraksha.
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Panchmukhi Talisman Panchmukhi Talisman
Talisman is a rarest form of art, an object which is used to make a person most powerful in all areas of life. It is a shield that increases your aura, your persona and protects you from the harmful effects of your enemies.
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 Navratna Talisman Navratna Talisman
Navratna represents the nine gemstones which are the representatives of the nine planets which rule the human life. The effect of these planets is of enormous rate in anyone’s life. Let’s not forget even science these days.
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Nav Nidhi Dhan Prapti Combination Nav Nidhi Dhan Prapti Combination
Before we understand anything else, let us know about Nav Nidhi itself, the word nav nidhi consists of two words “Nav” which means nine and “Nidhi” which means treasure, together it becomes the nine treasures of wealth.
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 Raj Surya Combination Raj Surya Combination
Raj surya combination, as the name suggests itself it is a combination of two words “raj” which means to rule and “surya” which is a name of sun god, a person who possesses the combination of this two will rule like sun god.
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 Kamdev Combination Kamdev Combination
The world cannot live on without being attracted towards the opposite sex, this is the very reason we are borne in the physical bodies, human life have not just one purpose but many, and the purpose of our physical.
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1 Face Round Rudraksha 1 Face Round Rudraksha
One faced rudra or ek mukhi round rudraksha has only one line on it and round shape. As according to the scripture of our vedic puranas and text books, ek mukhi round rudraskha is very rare and more powerful among all rudraksha.
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