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6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha

6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha is one of the very cost-effective Rudraksha as well as it is very easily available in the market.


Though the six mukhi nepali Rudraksha and five mukhi are same but even then there is a fine line between both of them that six line originate right from the top to bottom.


Significant of 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha:


  1. If it is looked into the scripture, this Rudraksha belongs to Kartikeya, the elder son of Lord Shiva. It is hold magical power to enhance the expression power, artistic quality and good speaker.
  2. It is dominated by the planet Venus. The centre point of this six mukhi Rudraksha belong to the Kartikeya which is responsible for blessing the wearer with the grace. The wearer get showered with the incredible wisdom and knowledge.
  3. Wearing this Rudraksha also help to lift the ratio of will power.
  4. The way of thinking and speaking gets also changed and turn into an impressive way.


Whom To Wear 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha


Wearing 6 mukhi Nepali Rudraksha is perfect for the journalist, businessmen, company manga, editor etc. It should be carried on Monday as it is considered auspicious for it.


It is also recommend if you have been facing problems related to sex, eyes, dropsy, urinary disorder, disease of mouth and neck.


Take a red thread and string a total number of three beads of six mukhi Nepali Rudraksha. Offer it to Lord Kartikeya first and then make it sacred chanting mantras.




  1. It fetches wealth, prosperity and success.
  2. If makes you away from health related problems.
  3. It makes you get oozed with the tranquillity of the mind.
  4. It keeps you away from the mouth related disease.
  5. You must carry it if you belong to this kind of profession like writing, science, speaking etc.


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