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5 Totke for Success

Everyone wish to get shower with success. But sometimes it does not happen as we think because of negative effect or malefic effect of planet.


If you are one of them not getting success in your field or something is chocking your ways towards success, you must perform these Totke mentioned below. Let’s have a look.


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The 5 Prominent Totke for Getting Oozed With Success


  • When you go for job interviews, take a Chapatti with yourself and serve to the crows. This totka removes the hurdles you have been facing and your interview will be cleared.

  • To get success in your business, prepared some bean Ladoo. And wave them around your head a total number of seven times. After this, serve it a cow. Keep in mind that you should perform this totka on Thursday.

  • To get promotion within short span of time, you must offer seven types of cereals to the birds.

  • If you think that someone has cast evil spell on you, then there is very simple totka to remove the effect. Serve BURFI to a cow on Sunday and Monday. Performing this totka is very helpful to diminish the negative energy around you as well as you will get success in your work, career and job. If cow is available nearby you, then you can offer Motichoor Ladoo to a dog, it is also helpful.

  • If you are tensed about the study of your children then offer jiggery and roasted grams to monkey. It is believed that monkey belongs to Lord Hanuman. And offering them jiggery and roasted grams is as same as serving Hanuman ji. On Tuesday, you must head to Lord Hanuman temple and feed the birds. This process will play a wide role to get them success in their study.


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