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4 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala In this section, we are going to share about the four mukhi Rudraksha mala which is called the energy of Brihaspati. Yes!!! this Rudraksha holds 3 beads dedicated to planet Brihaspati which is also renowned as a guru of Devas.


To get showered with the great energy, knowledge and wisdom, it is required to wear this four mukhi Rudraksha mala. Since it is 4 mukhi Rudraksha, it plays a wide role to target the four levels of knowledge called Jagrit, Swapna, Sushupti and Turiya. In order to revive all four level of knowledge, it is essential to wear this Rudraksha.


Significance Of Four Mukhi Rudraksha


The wearer never feels alone and weak. He/she finds himself able to go against the world. They get oozed with the enough confidence and power to make yourself different and unique from others. It is also considered the right bead to choose if you wish to pamper your creativity and innovative ideas holders thinking.


You find enough stamina to go with others. You never feel alone and weak, it is one of the great thing to make it very popular among the peoples. It also revive the passion for spirituality regarding God and Goddess. If the one is very shy or timid, this will help to cover over this personality disorder.


Benefits of Carrying Four Mukhi Rudraksha


  1. If you are looking to give a great kick off to your career then you must go ahead with this bead.
  2. It helps to carve out a great personality in order to impress the audience if you wish to become a leader.
  3. It brings you out from any kind of confusion.
  4. After wearing this, it helps to make the individual a bit more logical and intelligent.
  5. If you are any of these fields like journalism, researcher, writer, you must wear it as it becomes very helpful.
  6. It makes you away from all sort of problem belong to your respiratory system.


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